Saturday, December 17, 2011

FCS OCD Hand Sanitizer Review - Review A Day

(Insert cheesy OCD pun)

Alas, another product that I was surprised by!
Fortune Cookie Soap really thought of everything!

Their sanitizers are packed full of Pro Vitamin B5 and E, which moisturize, prevent dry, cracked skin, AND soothe/heal irritated skin.
A lot of claims for this little guy to stand up too!

I thought the name, OCD, was very clever, cause come on,
I think we all feel a little OCD when we use sanitizer.
As the body spray was, the sanitizer is also a humectant,
which retains mositure.

I have super dry hands,
and I don't always use lotion.
When I use the sanitizer, I feel like my hands are relieved.
Not super moisturized like if I used lotion,
but just enough moisture to feel nice.
It has a watery texture, but very easy to rub in.
Also, don't worry about the glitter, it falls off!
As for the smell, don't buy it if you expect a really sweet, pretty pomegranate smell.
This is a very natural, real, pomegranate smell.
No added sweetness, or added scent,
just true pomegranate.
And as I said in the video,
the smell is somewhat repulsive when you first start to rub it in,
but after it settles,
(in under a minute)
it smells nice.

It also claims to kill 99.9% of germs,
but I'm not a scientist,
so I can't fight that claim.
If you are, test it, and report back to us!

How much is it?
$2.89 - 1oz.
$4.60 - 4oz.

Where can I get it?

Check out the video review below!

*Product was sent for review. All opinions stated are my own, honest, thoughts.*

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