Friday, November 25, 2011

Urban Decay Junkshow - In A Wearable Way!

So disregarding how dramatic the liner got,
it's not so bad right?
I mean, the pink is definitely not at it's full potential,
which is the point!
In my standards, it's still wearable,
but I can see how people would disagree!
to see a dramatic way of using "Junkshow",
go watch my "Scene Queen" video!

Keep reading for more pictures, a product list, and the tutorial!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Taylor Momsen Inspired Makeup

Quick with no real explanation!
Hope you like!

Keep reading for pictures, a product list, and the tutorial!

Product List:
NYX - HD Base
Maybelline - Gel Liner
MAC - Carbon
MAC - Gesso
MAC - Electra
Hard Candy - Glitter Liner
Covergirl - Lashblast Fusion
Ardell - Hotties
Milani - Liquf'eye Liner

Palladio - Herbal Mosaic Powder
MAC - Darkly My Dear
MAC - Lustre Drops

MAC - Viva Glam Gaga 2
MAC - Strange Potion

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Don't mind any mishaps,
or any glitches regarding the blog.
As you can see,
I'm trying to revamp the entire thing!
So bare with me and I'll get it done eventually!
I'm not good with html coding AT ALL.
Hope you like the changes so far though! 

And don't mind that picture, that's just for future use.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Sigma Products!

I normally only post blog posts when I have a tutorial or review to share,
but I just got a Sigma Beauty affiliate email with sneak peeks of a BUNCH of new products!
I'll start off with the product picture,
release date,
and a description!
I don't have prices, so I apologize! :(

The Cities Collection
Launch Date: November 21

I think these are soooo cute! As by the name, these are travel kits inspired by renown cities, such as London (brown), Paris (red), Tokyo (pink), and New York (black).  These are like the Make Me Up kits: colored ferrules, handles, and a container that doubles as a brush holder.
I think these are adorable! And I definitely want either the red one (Paris), or..just realized London was brown...I wish they were yellow!
I'd have to see pictures!
Or the pink ones!
(I feel like that'd be a little much though :p)
And best believe I'd keep the box!
I have a bad habit of hoarding packaging :\

Make Me Up Travel Edition
Launch Date: November 28

Here are the Make Me Up kits I cited above, except in travel form! I think the purple and the coral ones are gorgeous!
And like the Cities kits, the container also doubles as two brush holders!

The Bunny Collection
Launch Date: December 5

I think this is ADORABLE! 
This is Sigma's take on vegan, so obviously cruelty free, brushes.
The bristles are made with their Sigmax HD fibers,
which trust me,
are some, if not,
the softest thing that's ever touched my face.
The collection will include a full size, 
which includes 12 full size brushes,
and a travel kit,
which has 7 travel brushes.
Both will come with the container that doubles as a holder.
I also loveee the periwinkle and pink color combo.
This is definitely on my list.

The Extravaganza Face Kit
Launch Date: December 12

As you can tell, these are very lavish, super fluffy, face brushes with real 18K gold plated ferrules!
These look awesome! 
I can only imagine how soft they all are,
and the fan brush has caught my eye.
Pretty sure you can only buy these in kit form, but they also come with a deluxe carrying case!

The Extravaganza Complete Kit
Launch Date: December 19

Just like the face kit, but for everything!
I'm getting the impression that they may be for individual sale as well!
(Don't quote me!)

Anything make your Christmas list?
I definitely want the Bunny collection, and one of the Cities kits!
Let me know what you want/think of the products!

[All photos courtesy of Sigma Beauty]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mother Gothel - Disney Villains Makeup Series

*Evil Laugh*
Though, I have yet to finish some, 
one in particular...
...Sailor Moon...
it'll happen!
This series came about because of a subscriber, and friend of mine,
She had posted a Disney Villains video with her friend,
which then inspired me to do it,
and we talked,
and this came about!
We'll both have a video for each villain we choose,
and I'm excited!
Are you??

So here's my interpretation on Mother Gothel, from Tangled.
I personally, haven't seen the movie,
but I just went off pictures that I could find.
These tutorials will either be interpretations, recreations, or inspirations.
Just depends on pictures found and the villain.
So I hope you guys like this!

Product List:
Nyx - Photo Loving Primer
Milani - HD Concealer
Nyx - HD Foundation
Palladio - Herbal Mosaic Powder
MAC - Darkly My Dear
Cargo - The Big Easy
Light Concealer
MAC - Espresso
Maybelline - Loose Powder

Nyx - HD Base
Tarte - Dusk
MAC - Gesso
MAC - Soft Brown
MAC - Espresso
MAC - Sketch
Tarte - Werewolf 
Maybelline - Gel Liner
MAC - Carbon
Loreal - Voluminous with Collagen
Loreal - Liquid Eye Pencil

Rimmel - Natural Liner
Max Factor - 04
Revlon - Mink
MAC - Viva Glam Cyndi
Tarte - Dusk