Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011 Roundup!

I hope you like my, some, last minute Halloween tutorials!
I have a few more that didn't make the cut,
mainly ones that were recorded some time ago!
So here are the ones that DID make the cut!
(Click on the titles to go too the blogpost!)

And here was my costume!
(I'm uploading a "Happy Halloween" video tomorrow, so you'll see it there too!)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harajuku Makeup Tutorial!

Here we go again!
First was Ganguro,
now Harajuku!
I'd like to thank Japan at this time, for the inspiration they grace upon me.
Regarding the top lashes,
I wish I would've used the Kat Von D lashes that I have!
I hope you guys like it! 
I really do!
I'm especially proud of the liner/lower lash line that I made!

Keep reading for extra pictures, the product list, and the tutorial!

Product List:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation - Ivory
MAC - Amazon Princess (Pink side)

Nyx - HD Eye Base
MUFE - White Flash Color
Urban Decay - Omen
Urban Decay - Tainted
Glamour Doll Eyes - Dear Mom
Urban Decay - Half Truth
MAC - Nocturnelle
Wet n' Wild - Lust Palette
MAC - Parlor Smoke
Urban Decay - Midnight 15
MUFE - Star Powder (I don't know the number :( )
Rimmel - White Liner
MAC - Gesso
Revlon - Color Stay Pen Liner
MAC - Carbon
Wet n' Wild - Liquid Liner
Loreal - Voluminous plus Collagen
Ardelle - Hotties
Ardelle - Dark Fairy

Nyx - Purple Rain
MAC - Madly Magenta
MAC - Virgin Isle

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Scene Queen!

Who doesn't love bright ass makeup?
Let me say again,
I don't have any foundation on.
I wish I did, because I loveeee how this turned out!
here it is!
hot, bright, neon, shimmery goodness!
As I said,
it was a request,
and found it suiting for Halloween!
And I love all of these colors together!
It seems like it's been a while since I've done something this colorful,
so here ya go!
This one definitely goes on my "favorite tutorials" list. 

Keep reading for extra pictures, the product list, and the tutorial!

Product List:
MAC - Giggly
MAC - Amazon Princess (Pink side)
MAC - Lightscapade

Nyx - HD Base
MUFE - Flash Color (white)
Urban Decay - Junkshow
MAC - Electric Eel
MAC - Shimmermoss
Urban Decay - Narcotic
MAC - Gesso
Urban Decay - Midnight 15
Urban Decay - Omen
Urban Decay - Half Truth
MUFE - #92
Maybelline - Gel Liner
Urban Decay - Evidence
Ardell - Hotties
Loreal - Voluminous Collagen Mascara
Palladio - Navy Liner
Urban Decay - Yeyo

(Just the one pictured)
MAC - Candy Yum Yum
OCC - Queen

Monday, October 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse Makeup Recreation

RIP Amy!
I did this,
1, because it was a request,
and 2, because of her passing.
I recorded this a while back ago,
but I think it's perfect for Halloween!
With that said,

Keep reading for more pictures, a product list, and the tutorial!

Product List:
Palladio - Herbal Mosaic Powder
MAC - Darkly My Dear
MAC Lustre Drops - Pink Rebel

Nyx - HD Base
MAC - Darkly My Dear
MAC - Passionate
Palladio - Herbal Mosaic Powder
Mabelline - Gel Liner
MAC - Carbon
MAC - Electra 
Rimmel - The Max

Nyx - Orange
Rimmel - Natural
Rimmel - Pink Chic
MAC - Strange Potion

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bubbles Inspired Makeup Tutorial - Powerpuff Girls Series

Let me be the first to point it out,
my lips are chapped.
Chapped to living hell to be honest.
So don't mind that.
This is obviously old,
old area,
old hair,
Just in time for Halloween though, right?
Thank God for my procrastination!!
I hope you like it!
Bubbles was definitely my favorite!
(Minus the challenged, one episode, purple sister. Remember that one? Fucking depressing. :\)
Blonde, animal lover, childish, blue, and speaks Japanese!
Now one remains!
Betcha can't guess who!
*Remember, after the third one, or just go find the trailer, see if you can notice some significant to each one!* 

Keep reading for more pictures, product list, and tutorial!

Product List:
I forget what foundation etc.!
MAC - Briar Rose
Palladio - Herbal Mosaic Powder
Hard Candy - Honeymoon

NYC - Primer
88 Palette - Shown
Shiro - Articuno
MAC - Your Ladyship
MAC - Gesso
Urban Decay - Yeyo (Liner)
Rimmel - White Liner
MAC - Smolder
MAC - She Who Dares
Rimmel - The Max Mascara
Covergirl - Lashblast Fusion
Ardel - Hotties

MAC - Pink Friday
MAC - Viva Glam Gaga 1
Milani - Starshine

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween - Japanese Ganguro Girl

Go ahead and get the laughter out, I'll wait...
Alright let's go!
I actually recorded this a whiiiile back,
and never got around to uploading,
so how fitting that it's Halloween time right?
Just Google "ganguro" and do some research,
because to be honest,
I basically have no clue as to what the hell these girls are doing,
but I love it!
...Not so much on myself,
but they pull it off!

So I hope you enjoy laughing hysterically,
or even getting creeped out by this!

I'll try to get more Halloween videos up,
but no promises!

Keep reading for a product list, more photos, and the tutorial!

Product List:
Nyx - Photo Loving Primer
Nyx - Yellow Concealer
Neutrogena - Skin Soothing Concealer
Nyx - HD Foundation
Palladio - Herbal Mosaic Powder
MAC - Espresso
MAC - White Jeanius 

Nyx - HD Primer
Coastal Scents Concealer palette
Maybelline - Gel Liner
MAC - Carbon
Milani - Liquifeye Pencil
Rimmel - The Max


Monday, October 10, 2011

School Picture Day Makeup

Ah, school picture day.
The day, where in elementary school,
your mom combs your hair and puts you in a cute, formal outfit, and tells you to "smile real big!"
Move onto high school,
and you look in the mirror thinking,
"Of course my skin's breaking out!"
"My hair looks like shit."
Whatever your thoughts are on the special day,
it's picture day,
and you should at least try to get through it for the sake of your parents,
and for the sake of the yearbook.
People DO look back in it you know!

So I'm here to show you a quick, basic, look that's sure to please!
If you have an acne problem,
start a skincare regimen at LEAST a month before.
That's the average time a skincare system really takes a toll.
You don't want to cake on foundation or concealer,
because that'll show up in the photo.

As for eyes,
you want to keep it simple so that YOU stand out.
As you can see, my liner got a little too dramatic for this type of look,
but that's why you should do a self test run on your hair, makeup, smile, and what you're going to wear so that you make it on time!

Be yourself!
This is just the normal look that I think people would use.
If you're known for wearing bright eyeshadow, lipgloss, etc.
Then wear it!
Just do it in a tasteful way.
I mean, you don't want people looking back and thinking,
"Oh my god, she looks like a cracked out clown!"

I think we all should have enough common sense to know what's TOO much.
And with that being said,
I hope I helped you guys out!
(And sorry if this is late!)

Keep reading for pictures, the tutorial, and the product list!

Product List:
Nyx - Photo Loving Primer
Milani - HD Concealer
Nyx - HD Foundation
Elf - Shy Blush
NYC - Bronze Wheel
Hard Candy - Honeymoon Blush
Maybelline - Loose Powder

Nyx - HD Primer
Milani - HD Concealer
28 Neutral Palette - Shown
Maybelline - Gel Eyeliner
Rimmel - The Max Mascara

The Body Shop - Lip Butter
Revlon - Pink Pop Lipgloss