Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review A Day 4 - FCS Dragon Fruit Shaved Ice Bath Bomb

How FRIGGIN adorable is this?
Instant eye catcher for sure, right?
This my friends, is the glorious,
Shaved Ice Bath Fizzy from Fortune Cookie Soap.

It comes in two scents,
Dragon Fruit,
and Electric Lemonade.
(I only tried the Dragon Fruit.)
First off, (besides the obvious cuteness), the smell is fantastic.
Sort of think pink starburst, but intensified and with a tart, citrus-y note to it.
At first, it was too strong,
(my nose wasn't ready)
but the day after I got it,
I smelt it again and it was love.
The thing is pretty hefty,
and comes in a real styrofoam cup!
One bad thing about it though,
it's nearly impossible to cut.
Now if you have an easy way,
without it crumbling,
please let me know,
but if you don't,
don't bother trying.
With that said,
you pretty much have to use it all at once,
which I'm not really complaining,
I see bath bombs as a one time thing,
but that can call for a pricey bath.
Regardless, it turned my water a pretty oceany blue color,
and the scent actually carried over to a lighter version in the water.
The water, like the Cake Batter bath bomb,
was super soft and silky.
(Hard to imagine until you've experienced it for yourself.)
Mind you, when I take a bath,
I take a damn bath.
I light candles,
turn my music on low,
shut the lights out,
and relax.
(If only I had a bigger tub.)
I definitely notice that my skin is softer afterwards,
(remember that the tub may be slippery afterwards!)
and trust me, I could kill for that.

Minus the, "hard to cut", factor,
the only other bad thing is the price.
Which it isn't terribly expensive,
I see it as treating myself.
And you get a huge amount, mind you.
I'd say these are pretty much amazing,
and totally worth the money.
I'll definitely purchase them again!

You can find these at:
for $7.99 USD (8oz.)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review A Day 3 - Fortune Cookie Soap Shampoo Bars

First off,
let me say that they don't make "Cheers" anymore.
(Why Shannon?!?!)
Nonetheless, I do have the cupcake one to help my review as well.
As you can see, it's a big block of shampoo.
It looks cool up close,
kind of like little rice pellets,
with blocks of shea and coco butter.
They're good sized blocks too,
3oz. to be exact.
Trust me, it'll last a damn good while.
They're solid, (obviously), but when wet, are fragile,
so be careful when tapping dry.
Just like the soap, NO rubbing.
As for performance wise,
I really like them!
Before I got my hair chopped off,
it was super fine (still is), straight, and flaaaat.
So I get products to help!
I could tell a difference from when I used Cheers, and then Cupcake.
With Cheers, my hair had some body, whereas with Cupcake,
it was very nicely moistured.
(New word. Where's Websters?)
And when I say moistured hydrated, I mean a natural hydration.
Like the soaps and whipped creams.
None of that, slicked down cause it's full of oils and shit, scenario.
Unless, you want that...
These are very travel friendly when it comes to flying since it's solid!
No more mini sized shampoos! 
Unless, again, you want those...
They have a metal tin you can put them in,
just don't put them in it wet!
(It'll rust.  Fun science project for the kids!)
Or you can ghettorig, (come on Websters!), and use plastic bags like I do.
It's a little weird at first using a block of solid substance, 
on your head,
that's supposedly shampoo.
(Jared's weirded out about it and is "old school")
"Does it lather?"
You may ask.
And yes!
It's not like a foam war, but they're there!
...and still sting if they get in your eye.

Overall I think it's a great product!
I stick to my commercial shampoo if I'm going to style my hair,
but then again I haven't used em since my haircut,
so that might change!
I highly suggest checking them out!
I'm sure, at least, one scent shall tickle your fancy.

You can find these at:
For $8.00 USD

Monday, August 29, 2011

Review A Day 2 - Fortune Cookie Soap Sugar Scrub

*Photo courtesy of*

To scrub, or not to srub!
Body scrubs are amazzzzzing exfoliators.
As you can see above,
they come in tubs like the whipped creams,
and if I'm not mistaken, are the same size.
They're this sugary, thick paste, packed with great oils for the skin.
What you do, is take them in the shower.
After you scrub a dub dub yo body,
you take however much you want to use,
and scrub where necessary.
I have the skin condition,
(I don't know the medical term)
known as "chicken skin", on my upper arms.
Basically it's just bumps.
I just use a little scoop for each upper arm,
and I feel that it really helps to moisturize, and sooth the bumps.
Of course it works on the rest of my body as well!
There are a few conditions you're not supposed to use these on,
such as:
face, open cuts, and sunburn.
I think they're really great products,
and it may seem pricey,
but you really don't need a whole lot.

You can find these at:
Fortune Cookie Soap
$11.75 USD

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review A Day - Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream

Stock image from

First day of Review A Day!
I'm going to upload a Fortune Cookie Soap review everyday,
until my giveaway is over!
My giveaway ends on Aug. 30 at 11:59pm EST.
I'll still upload a video on the 31st as well :)
So here's their take on body butters,
their Whipped Creams!
These bad boys are super thick, creamy, and potent.
Forget what you know about run of the mill lotion,
less is more when it comes to these.
(Keep in mind, you can put as much as you like!)
The scents are strong at first,
but in time, fade to be noticeable,
but not overpowering.
I seriously couldn't get over how creamy they were!
They give a very natural feeling moisture,
and immediately sink into the skin.
I hate greasy lotions, that leave a gross, oily feel.
As I said in the video,
I can't review the packaging,
but it comes in a 5.5oz tub.
And for $11 dollars,
you can enjoy it!
Keep in mind,
it may seem pricey for some,
but you literally need a dab for both hands,
let alone your whole arm.

You can find these at:
Fortune Cookie Soap

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easy Rainbow Eyes!

*Cue Dorothy*
Somewherrrrre, over the rainbow...
That's right.
Rainbow. Eyes.
Say it with me,
Someone requested this on my giveaway video,
and once I seen xsparkage's recent rainbow eye video,
I just had too.
The first time I tried it,
I went color after color,
and realized it was difficult to judge the amount of color.
Soooo, I figured out a way to portion each one.
It's super easy, minus all of the products.
If you have the 88 palette, then you're probably set.
(or any of those other huge things.)
So I hope you guys liked how it turned out,
and yes, my liner is uneven.
It wouldn't be a tutorial from me if it wasn't.
Check out more photos, the tutorial, and product list below!

Product List:
Nyx - Photo Loving Primer, HD Foundation
Milani - HD Concealer
MAC - Darkly My Dear
Cargo - The Big Easy
Urban Decay - Vanilla

NYX - HD Base
MAC - Darkly My Dear
Make Up For Ever - White Flash Color
Sugarpill - Love+
MAC - Orange
MAC - Chrome Yellow
MAC - Jealousy Wakes
MAC - Surf USA
MAC - Electric Eel
Urban Decay - Junkshow
Urban Decay - Flow
Kat Von D - Lemmy
Urban Decay - Omen
Make Up For Ever - #92
Urban Decay - Vanilla
Urban Decay - Midnight 15
MAC - Gesso
MAC - White Jeanius
MAC - Reflects Pearl
Maybelline - Gel Liner
Urban Decay - Ace
Rimmel - The Max Mascara
MAC - Smolder Eye Kohl
Rimmel - White Liner

Hard Candy - Fire Alarm
Milani - Starstruck and Fashion Diva

Monday, August 22, 2011

Review - Limited Edition Scents from Fortune Cookie Soap

More fortune cookies!!!!!
I decided to have this video bypass all of the others,
(I have about 20 recorded, some edited)
since I'm hosting a giveaway with Fortune Cookie Soap.
These were just some of the many limited edition soaps released in their Christmas in July sale.
Most, if not all, are sold out, but if my memory recalls,
some/all will be coming back later in the year.
So here we go!
Let's start off with the scents!
Toxic is a light, somewhat transparent, lime green, with green and gold glitter in it.
 It's described as the famous soft drink, Mountain Dew.
To me, I barely smell the mountain dew, if any, just a watered down version.
Cookie Monster:
Cookie Monster is a metallic bronzey gold.
The scent is described as vanilla, almonds, and macaroons.
I can't decide what it smells like too me, but the smell just off puts me entirely.
Not So Little Mermaid:
Not so Little Mermaid is a oceany blue, transparent color, with blue glitter.
The notes include mandarin balm, tangelo, eucalyptus and a few more.
As the name implies, it smells really clean, and ocean like.
It's definitely my favorite out of this bunch.
Hearty Breakfast:
This one is by far the most interesting.
It's a light brown cookie color, along with "bacon bits" and a "syrup" drizzle on top.
And that's exactly what it smells like.
My mind was blown when i got it, because you can smell everything!
Down to the smokiness of the bacon!

When it comes to the actual use of the soap, I use it as is.
Which can be a little difficult because it can be super slippery.
I can tell a difference in these, and commercial soap.
They lather, but just with a little more work.
Your first few times of using them, 
you may think it makes your skin feel weird,
(I thought the same thing)
but I realized that it somehow locks, if you will, the moisture in.
Once you dry off, the feeling goes away.
I have pretty dry skin, and when I use these,
my skin isn't like unbelievably soft,
but I notice a difference from this, and commercial brands.
(Story time!)
When I use these, my hands are fine.
The next day I was in a rush, so I used my Nivea bodywash.
Well, when I used Nivea, dried off, got ready and such,
I noticed my hands were suppppper dry and rough.
So there's my experience with them.
Also, store them in a plastic bag after each shower!
If not, they'll break down over time.
PAT them dry, not rub.

You'll rub away the product if so.

Overall I like them a lot!
I still need to invest in a bar soap version of In the Loop!
I highly recommend them!
And there's tons and tons of scents!
(In cookie form that is)
Now it's picture and video time!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Natural Vampish Makeup Tutorial

So I'm FINALLY getting this up.
Obviously by me saying,
"Finishing up season 3 because season 4 starts Sunday",
just proves how old it is haha.
When I found this picture I knew I wanted to recreate it,
despite my not noticing it looks close to my Sucker Punch tutorial,
REGARDLESS, I love it.
Of course I had to be lame and make a True Blood reference.
As always, a product list/pictures/video are down below!

Product List:
Nyx Photoloving Primer
Nyx Yellow Concealer
Neutrogena Concealer
Nyx HD Foundation
Nyx HD Grinding Powder
MAC Blush - Darkly My Dear

Nyx HD Primer
MAC - Gesso
Wet n' Wild - Pride Palette
MAC - Espresso
28 Neutral Palette
Maybelline Gel Liner
MAC - Carbon
Covergirl Lashblast Fusion
Beauty Rush Mascara
Ardele Lashes - Hotties
Rimmel White Liner

MAC - Viva Glam Gaga 2

Friday, August 5, 2011

Super Quick Coral Eye

So I just wanted to do a quick, simple, fast eye tutorial.
Great for if you're in a hurry for anything, and super simple.
Let me know if you guys like this sort of quick, to the point kind of video!

Products Used:
MAC - Coral Crepe Paint Pot
Shiro - Zelda
Covergirl - LashBlast Fusion

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blossom Inspired Makeup Tutorial - Powerpuff Girls Series

Finally right?
Originally I wanted to do a cheesy voiceover and talk like the narrator,
but I couldn't get myself to do it because I suck at voice acting,
AND I didn't know how.
So I threw in a remix I found,
if you don't like it,
then mute it and play your own.
With that said,
this was my second time doing a Blossom look.
I'll post the original picture last.
As you can tell,
it's pretty damn pink.
And I love it!
The video was 20 min to start with,
and I got it down to 5, 
so I'm pretty damn proud of myself.
Also, she/we were watching a movie,
that's why it looks like she's staring off haha.
Hope you like!
(Once I get the other 2 up, see if you can notice something they all have in common ;) )

The original take.

Product List:
NYC Primer
Makeup Forever Flash Color - White
MAC - Your Ladyship Pigment
Makeup Forever Star Powder
MAC - Amazon Princess Blush Duo
MAC - Bite of an Apple Blush
MAC - Passionate Eyeshadow
Wet n' Wild Lust Palette
Maybelline Gel Liner
Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Mascara
Urban Decay - Yeyo 24/7 Liner
Rimmel - White Liner

MAC - Briar Rose Beauty Powder
Hard Candy - Honeymoon Baked Blush

Max Factor - 04 Lipstick
Milani - Struck By Beauty Glamour Gloss