Monday, August 22, 2011

Review - Limited Edition Scents from Fortune Cookie Soap

More fortune cookies!!!!!
I decided to have this video bypass all of the others,
(I have about 20 recorded, some edited)
since I'm hosting a giveaway with Fortune Cookie Soap.
These were just some of the many limited edition soaps released in their Christmas in July sale.
Most, if not all, are sold out, but if my memory recalls,
some/all will be coming back later in the year.
So here we go!
Let's start off with the scents!
Toxic is a light, somewhat transparent, lime green, with green and gold glitter in it.
 It's described as the famous soft drink, Mountain Dew.
To me, I barely smell the mountain dew, if any, just a watered down version.
Cookie Monster:
Cookie Monster is a metallic bronzey gold.
The scent is described as vanilla, almonds, and macaroons.
I can't decide what it smells like too me, but the smell just off puts me entirely.
Not So Little Mermaid:
Not so Little Mermaid is a oceany blue, transparent color, with blue glitter.
The notes include mandarin balm, tangelo, eucalyptus and a few more.
As the name implies, it smells really clean, and ocean like.
It's definitely my favorite out of this bunch.
Hearty Breakfast:
This one is by far the most interesting.
It's a light brown cookie color, along with "bacon bits" and a "syrup" drizzle on top.
And that's exactly what it smells like.
My mind was blown when i got it, because you can smell everything!
Down to the smokiness of the bacon!

When it comes to the actual use of the soap, I use it as is.
Which can be a little difficult because it can be super slippery.
I can tell a difference in these, and commercial soap.
They lather, but just with a little more work.
Your first few times of using them, 
you may think it makes your skin feel weird,
(I thought the same thing)
but I realized that it somehow locks, if you will, the moisture in.
Once you dry off, the feeling goes away.
I have pretty dry skin, and when I use these,
my skin isn't like unbelievably soft,
but I notice a difference from this, and commercial brands.
(Story time!)
When I use these, my hands are fine.
The next day I was in a rush, so I used my Nivea bodywash.
Well, when I used Nivea, dried off, got ready and such,
I noticed my hands were suppppper dry and rough.
So there's my experience with them.
Also, store them in a plastic bag after each shower!
If not, they'll break down over time.
PAT them dry, not rub.

You'll rub away the product if so.

Overall I like them a lot!
I still need to invest in a bar soap version of In the Loop!
I highly recommend them!
And there's tons and tons of scents!
(In cookie form that is)
Now it's picture and video time!

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