Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review - Fortune Cookie Soap Gelato Bath Bomb

So here we are with this beaut'.
Let it be known that Fortune Cookie Soaps has more than,
well, fortune cookie soaps.
Their uniqueness also plays into their bath bombs.
Now we all know that Lush is known for theirs,
which I have yet to try out,
but from this experience, I'd say they have competition.
If you're new to bath bombs,
they have oils, and sometimes goodies,
that really really make your skin happy.
You can cut them if half if your bathtub is smaller,
or you just don't want to use the whole thing.
I had trouble cutting it,
so the first time I just hacked it.
(Which wasn't enough by any means.)
So find what works best for you.
For $7, you get 6oz.
It may seem steep,
but this sucker is dense.
It comes in a gelato container, which just improves the reality.
The ridges in the top just really top of the realness.
It even has real sprinkles made inside of it!
Seriously, someone may try to take a bite if you leave it out.
Now if it had soft texture like gelato,
I'd believe I'd be using real gelato.
The fragrance I got was Cake Batter.
I wouldn't pin it as straight cake batter,
but more of a strong almond scent,
with baking sweetness added.
Onto the actual usage.
I recommend executing a full on bath like I did.
It realllllllly makes it THAT much better.
(Candles, relaxing music, etc.)
I'm used too having bubbles with my bath,
so it was odd at first.
But once I realized how amazing this made it,
I completely disregarded it.
The oils spread through and really soften the water.
No lie, the water felt like liquid silk.
With this one, the added fun factor are the sprinkles floating around.
Even funner if you squeeze them cause they melt haha.
Shannon, the owner, told me it was her kids' favorite because of that factor.
The strong smell kind of faded once it dissolved, 
but was faint enough that you could smell it in the water.
I could tell the oils really moisturized my skin for at least a day or two.
I would highly recommend this.
I can only imagine how amazing the other scents are.
I would say this is one of the more nighttime/relaxing ones.
While the others are fruity, invigorating scents.
I will definitely repurchase one of these sometime soon!
In fact, I have a review coming for the shaved ice ones!

You can purchase these on their website for $7

Check out the video review/demonstration, and more pictures below!


  1. LUSH does have great bathbombs, but I've reeeeally been wanting to try those out... They're so cute!

  2. They are really cute!!
    Great review as always! :)

  3. those are soooo cute! i also love fizzbutter bath bombs because they are only like $3 each and HUGE (i think 8oz). they even have free shipping. they are at

  4. thank you all! and whyyyyyy did you show me that site? hahaha i wanna order them alllllll.