Friday, October 21, 2011

Bubbles Inspired Makeup Tutorial - Powerpuff Girls Series

Let me be the first to point it out,
my lips are chapped.
Chapped to living hell to be honest.
So don't mind that.
This is obviously old,
old area,
old hair,
Just in time for Halloween though, right?
Thank God for my procrastination!!
I hope you like it!
Bubbles was definitely my favorite!
(Minus the challenged, one episode, purple sister. Remember that one? Fucking depressing. :\)
Blonde, animal lover, childish, blue, and speaks Japanese!
Now one remains!
Betcha can't guess who!
*Remember, after the third one, or just go find the trailer, see if you can notice some significant to each one!* 

Keep reading for more pictures, product list, and tutorial!

Product List:
I forget what foundation etc.!
MAC - Briar Rose
Palladio - Herbal Mosaic Powder
Hard Candy - Honeymoon

NYC - Primer
88 Palette - Shown
Shiro - Articuno
MAC - Your Ladyship
MAC - Gesso
Urban Decay - Yeyo (Liner)
Rimmel - White Liner
MAC - Smolder
MAC - She Who Dares
Rimmel - The Max Mascara
Covergirl - Lashblast Fusion
Ardel - Hotties

MAC - Pink Friday
MAC - Viva Glam Gaga 1
Milani - Starshine

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