Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween - Japanese Ganguro Girl

Go ahead and get the laughter out, I'll wait...
Alright let's go!
I actually recorded this a whiiiile back,
and never got around to uploading,
so how fitting that it's Halloween time right?
Just Google "ganguro" and do some research,
because to be honest,
I basically have no clue as to what the hell these girls are doing,
but I love it!
...Not so much on myself,
but they pull it off!

So I hope you enjoy laughing hysterically,
or even getting creeped out by this!

I'll try to get more Halloween videos up,
but no promises!

Keep reading for a product list, more photos, and the tutorial!

Product List:
Nyx - Photo Loving Primer
Nyx - Yellow Concealer
Neutrogena - Skin Soothing Concealer
Nyx - HD Foundation
Palladio - Herbal Mosaic Powder
MAC - Espresso
MAC - White Jeanius 

Nyx - HD Primer
Coastal Scents Concealer palette
Maybelline - Gel Liner
MAC - Carbon
Milani - Liquifeye Pencil
Rimmel - The Max


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