Thursday, December 15, 2011

FCS Body Mist Review - Review A Day

Did you mist me?
I love their clever names.

This was another product that I was excited about!
She had sent me a few mini sprays during the testing phase,
and I loved them!
Especially the "In the Loop" one.
So they're finally out!

This one is in "Unicorn Farts",
which is described in the body wash review.
Their body mists are alcohol, paraben, and of course, cruelty free!
It's packed with pro vitamin B5 which firms the skin, and has humectants which attract, and retain moisture.
Hence the title,
"Hydrating Botanical Body Mists".
They also claim it's great for your hair, as well, and as obviously, as your skin!

When I spray this on,
I can tell a difference with my skin.
It's nothing extraordinary,
but there's a slight difference.
I haven't tried it on my hair,
only because my hair gets oily quick.
So if you have, comment down below!
I tested out the longevity of the scent,
and was somewhat surprised being it a body mist.
Normally body mist, on me, maybe lasts 45min-hour,
this one however,
lasted an hour and a half - two!
It really depends on your skin chemistry,
and the scent.
I think, because of the humectants,
that it helps the fragrance stay on.
Overall I think these are a great buy!
I realllllly want the "In the Loop" kind.
I'd use it alllll the time haha!

How much are these?:
$9.99 - 4oz.
$12.99 - 8oz.

Where can I get 'em?:

Watch the video review below!

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own, honest ones.*

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