Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FCS Bubbling Bath Salt Review - Review a Day

Rub a dub dub, bubbles in the tub!

Fortune Cookie Soap's new Bubbling Bath Crystals take the amazing effects of using bath salts, and added in the fun and relaxing properties of bubbles!
That's right! No more "naked" baths!
That's a downside of bath bombs and salts,
the water is bland, or,
So, unless your really in the mood for a bath, can be quite awkward just laying there.

But fret no more!
Pour a 1/2 cup of these bad boys under running water to experience a frothy, detoxifying, AND relaxing bath.
Heaven? Is that you?
These crystals are sls, paraben, and cruelty free!
The ones I received are,
"It's Egg Nog *%@%^*!"
Which claim to smell, obviously, like egg nog.
To me, I find it to smell like a creamy, milky, spice!
Which kind of leans towards egg nog, but not fully!

I was very shocked by the amount of bubbles they produced!
I mean, check it out in the video!
After I was done filling the tub up, I put my hand in to agitate the water,
thus, creating more bubbles!
After dissolving, the smell was nearly, if not, gone.
Which results in no lingering smell on your skin.
And as a wise man, or woman, once said,
"All good things come to an end",
applies for the bubbles as well.
I'd say they lasted 10-15 minutes.
I found this to be very moisturizing and relaxing for my skin!
Like, super relaxing!

I'd definitely give these a try!
The egg nog crystals are a creamy yellow color,
so my water didn't change.
Though the colored ones, may or may not, change the color slightly.

How much is it?
$13 - 10oz.

Where can I find it?

Check out the video review down below!

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own, honest thoughts.*

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