Thursday, December 22, 2011

FCS Bubble Bar Review - Review a Day

Can I reuse my pun from yesterday?

This big guy, (or girl, I don't discriminate),
is FCS's step into bubble bars!
Kind of like the salts, but in a solid form.
Again, I described the scent, Unicorn Farts, in my body wash review,
so you can go find that if you want to know!
This SLS free bar will give you 2, maybe even 3, baths for your bath taking pleasure!

I thought the colors were gorgeous in contrast with each other, and with some added glitter for some sparkle.
The smell (pre-bath) was super strong! It was like an air freshener haha.
I found it pretty hard to cut, though it didn't crumble into a million pieces like the bath bombs do.
A trick in using these,
the more water pressure, the better.
So crank that baby up!
While the water's running, you crumble it in your hand under the water.
Being that it was hard to cut, I also found it hard to crumble.
Even though I found the water to be very pretty, the bubbles died down and disappeared in almost no time after I got in.
As well as the scent!
Which made me sad! :(
Another thing that made me sad, was that I didn't find it to be as moisturizing as their other bath products I've tried.

With that said, I was kind of disappointed.
Which makes me sad that I have to leave Review a Days with a let down product!
Though, I do recommend that you can only judge a product by personal experience.
Mine was old, so that could have affected the performance of the product,
but this was my experience.
If I were to commit to a product,
it'd be the salts.
You get 3oz. more, for $4 more,
but you also get more baths out of it, as opposed to 2-3.

So with that said, this installment of my Review a Day series is complete!
I never know when I bring it back, but I want to thank you all for watching and reading if you have!
And after tomorrow, I'll be done annoying you every day with an upload!

How much is it?
$8.99 - 7oz.

Where can I get it?

Check out another picture and the video review below!

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own, honest thoughts.*

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