Friday, December 30, 2011

Wearable New Years Eve Makeup

Here's my super easy, AND super wearable New Years look!
If you want something more dramatic,
then define the liner some more,
put some in the waterline,
then add some fun lashes!
I came up with this and instantly loved it!
I did try the dramatic side of it,
but I wanted to record just the simple/wearable version.
So I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas,
and a great New Year!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Champagne Bubbles Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Who's excited for Christmasssss?!?!?
(Or whatever Holiday you celebrate!!!)
After rewatching my other Holiday video this year,
I realized it was pretty dark, and dramatic.
So I came up with this for the more day time appropriate wearers.
You could totally skip out on the lip liner and just use the gloss if you wanted too.
It'd be easier to take with you and touch up!
I still have a New Years 2-in-1 type of video planned!
A wearable version bumped out to a dramatic one by a few extra steps!
Have a great, and safe Christmas my loves!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

FCS Bubble Bar Review - Review a Day

Can I reuse my pun from yesterday?

This big guy, (or girl, I don't discriminate),
is FCS's step into bubble bars!
Kind of like the salts, but in a solid form.
Again, I described the scent, Unicorn Farts, in my body wash review,
so you can go find that if you want to know!
This SLS free bar will give you 2, maybe even 3, baths for your bath taking pleasure!

I thought the colors were gorgeous in contrast with each other, and with some added glitter for some sparkle.
The smell (pre-bath) was super strong! It was like an air freshener haha.
I found it pretty hard to cut, though it didn't crumble into a million pieces like the bath bombs do.
A trick in using these,
the more water pressure, the better.
So crank that baby up!
While the water's running, you crumble it in your hand under the water.
Being that it was hard to cut, I also found it hard to crumble.
Even though I found the water to be very pretty, the bubbles died down and disappeared in almost no time after I got in.
As well as the scent!
Which made me sad! :(
Another thing that made me sad, was that I didn't find it to be as moisturizing as their other bath products I've tried.

With that said, I was kind of disappointed.
Which makes me sad that I have to leave Review a Days with a let down product!
Though, I do recommend that you can only judge a product by personal experience.
Mine was old, so that could have affected the performance of the product,
but this was my experience.
If I were to commit to a product,
it'd be the salts.
You get 3oz. more, for $4 more,
but you also get more baths out of it, as opposed to 2-3.

So with that said, this installment of my Review a Day series is complete!
I never know when I bring it back, but I want to thank you all for watching and reading if you have!
And after tomorrow, I'll be done annoying you every day with an upload!

How much is it?
$8.99 - 7oz.

Where can I get it?

Check out another picture and the video review below!

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own, honest thoughts.*

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FCS Bubbling Bath Salt Review - Review a Day

Rub a dub dub, bubbles in the tub!

Fortune Cookie Soap's new Bubbling Bath Crystals take the amazing effects of using bath salts, and added in the fun and relaxing properties of bubbles!
That's right! No more "naked" baths!
That's a downside of bath bombs and salts,
the water is bland, or,
So, unless your really in the mood for a bath, can be quite awkward just laying there.

But fret no more!
Pour a 1/2 cup of these bad boys under running water to experience a frothy, detoxifying, AND relaxing bath.
Heaven? Is that you?
These crystals are sls, paraben, and cruelty free!
The ones I received are,
"It's Egg Nog *%@%^*!"
Which claim to smell, obviously, like egg nog.
To me, I find it to smell like a creamy, milky, spice!
Which kind of leans towards egg nog, but not fully!

I was very shocked by the amount of bubbles they produced!
I mean, check it out in the video!
After I was done filling the tub up, I put my hand in to agitate the water,
thus, creating more bubbles!
After dissolving, the smell was nearly, if not, gone.
Which results in no lingering smell on your skin.
And as a wise man, or woman, once said,
"All good things come to an end",
applies for the bubbles as well.
I'd say they lasted 10-15 minutes.
I found this to be very moisturizing and relaxing for my skin!
Like, super relaxing!

I'd definitely give these a try!
The egg nog crystals are a creamy yellow color,
so my water didn't change.
Though the colored ones, may or may not, change the color slightly.

How much is it?
$13 - 10oz.

Where can I find it?

Check out the video review down below!

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own, honest thoughts.*

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FCS Body Lotion Review - Review a Day

I'm too tired to even think of some sarcastic opening, so here's the opening.

Tiredness aside, FCS introduced yet another new product to the company,
body lotion!
They have their Whipped Creams, which are body butters, but these are a paraben free, lightweight, little brother to the whipped creams!
Body butters can be used during the day,
but are thicker/heavier.
Whereas lotion, is a thinner textured, that are in return, light weight.
I found that this sunk right into the skin, just as I've experienced with their whipped creams. 
However, I did find these to be just as, if not more, moisturizing than their body butters!
(Though, I've only had samples of the whipped creams, so I know I salvaged the amount I used :p)
Their lotions are targeted towards dry, chapped skin,
which basically describes my skin!
My skin feels nice, smooth, and hydrated once the product sinks in.
They also claim it's great for the face, but I haven't tried that aspect out!

The scent, which I find hysterical, is:
Cram Your Face In My Sweet Pumpkin Pie.
How funny is that?
They describe it as pure pumpkin pie.
I find that it's a very strong, spicy smell.
Which smells really good, but I don't know how I feel about walking around smelling like that.
I find it to be more of a house smell, like in an air freshener/candle form.
Because of the scent's strength,
it last 12, (yes 12!) hours on me!!
After a few hours the spicy notes fade away into this very yummy, creamy, sweet smell, which I don't mind smelling like!
I tested the whipped creams longevity, and it only last 4!
Then again, it's really based on the scent as well!

Overall, I find it's a really good lotion!
No oily feel on my skin, which I DESPISE about lotions.
This just sinks in and moisturizes!
I find that it lives up to what it claims too!
And the scent longevity/moisturizing properties are incredible!
Definitely high up on my list of lotions!

How much is it?
$9.99 - 4oz.
$12.99 - 8oz. (This size comes with a pump!)

Where can I find it?

Check out the video review below!

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my honest thoughts.*

Monday, December 19, 2011

FCS Lip Balm Review - Review A Day

Lip balm fiends, I've got your guilty pleasure!
I, myself, love lip products.
Lip balm.
Lip gloss.
Lip liner.
Can you tell I like lip products?

So when FCS came out with lip balm, I was oh so excited to try it!
I received the Sugar and Spice one,
which is supposed to smell like Pumpkin Spice.
To me, I smell a sweet cream, with pumpkin spices in it.
(Also, the product is tasteless!)
I was also impressed with the shape of the product.
You don't see a lot, if any, mainstream lip balms/chapsticks with an oval tube.
I find it fits the shape of lips better, opposed to the typical circular tubes.
As for the actual packaging, I find that it wears pretty easily over time,
unless I'm just rougher than average with it!
I do like that the ingredients are listed on the product itself,
so if you're gifting it, the receiver can look and see if there's an ingredient that they're allergic too.

The product itself is very soft.
Softer than the average chapstick I find.
It's very easy to knick an edge of it off.
Which really isn't a bad thing, just gotta be careful!
I find that it's an above average moisturizer.
Granted, I have severely dry/chapped lips,
so I need some heavy duty equipment to battle that.
I also find, that if I apply too much of the product, I get a oily/greasy layer on my lips that leaves a glossy look.
Keep in mind, if your lips are easily moisturized, I think you'll find that you won't need much of a layer at all!

Overall, I think it's a nice lip balm.
I've found a better balm that I use at night/before a tutorial, but the slim packaging allows me to slide it right in my pocket and go!
I'd say to throw one of these in your cart if you're planning on ordering!

Where can I find it?

How much is it?
$3.49 - .15oz
How much are the "Natural" ones?
$4.45 - .15oz
How much are the "Tints"?
$4.25 - .07oz

Check out the other picture, and the video review below!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dramatic Holiday Party Makeup

Not entirely happy with the result of this,
but there's no time for redos! 
Hahah and it's not terrible!
Just a few things here and there that could be improved!
And I didn't mean for it to get so dramatic,
but I have a wearable one coming soon!

Keep reading for photos, product list, and the tutorial!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

FCS OCD Hand Sanitizer Review - Review A Day

(Insert cheesy OCD pun)

Alas, another product that I was surprised by!
Fortune Cookie Soap really thought of everything!

Their sanitizers are packed full of Pro Vitamin B5 and E, which moisturize, prevent dry, cracked skin, AND soothe/heal irritated skin.
A lot of claims for this little guy to stand up too!

I thought the name, OCD, was very clever, cause come on,
I think we all feel a little OCD when we use sanitizer.
As the body spray was, the sanitizer is also a humectant,
which retains mositure.

I have super dry hands,
and I don't always use lotion.
When I use the sanitizer, I feel like my hands are relieved.
Not super moisturized like if I used lotion,
but just enough moisture to feel nice.
It has a watery texture, but very easy to rub in.
Also, don't worry about the glitter, it falls off!
As for the smell, don't buy it if you expect a really sweet, pretty pomegranate smell.
This is a very natural, real, pomegranate smell.
No added sweetness, or added scent,
just true pomegranate.
And as I said in the video,
the smell is somewhat repulsive when you first start to rub it in,
but after it settles,
(in under a minute)
it smells nice.

It also claims to kill 99.9% of germs,
but I'm not a scientist,
so I can't fight that claim.
If you are, test it, and report back to us!

How much is it?
$2.89 - 1oz.
$4.60 - 4oz.

Where can I get it?

Check out the video review below!

*Product was sent for review. All opinions stated are my own, honest, thoughts.*

Friday, December 16, 2011

FCS Air Freshener Review - Review A Day

"Give me my personal space!"
Oh those preteen years we all go through.

Personal Space,
Fortune Cookie Soap's first steps into air freshener!
And it's a good step!
I was surprised to see this in the box of goodies I got, because
I would have never thought of them actually making room sprays!
But I'm oh so glad that they did!

When I first got it, I was instantly reminded of the Bath and Body Works Concentrated Room Sprays,
since they're both packaged in aluminum/tin (hell, I don't know what it is) can.
The label is their new standard label, scent name, and colored/striped background according to the scent!

This little guy is alcohol free,
and has a conditioning agent for when you spray it on furniture, or clothes.
The scent I received is, Joy to the World,
which contains notes of cinnamon, butterscotch, and holly wreath.
Personally, I just smell the cinnamon with a "pretty" smell with it,
which I'm guessing is the holly wreath in there,
but I'm sure the butterscotch has a factor in it too!
It's just really subtle.

Onto the actual use of the product:
I find that you'll need less sprays than you expect.
At first, and because of the cinnamon,
it's a pretty powerful smell,
But I find that the smell doesn't necessarily last long.
Granted, I haven't tested it on furniture, which I could see it lasting long then.
But overall, it's a really good, holiday, homey (and I mean, home like, not homey like, "yo bro, what up?")
And my mom likes it too!

How much is it?
$9.99 - 4oz.

Where can I get it?

Check out the video review down below!

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my honest beliefs. I would never lie to you guys!*

Thursday, December 15, 2011

FCS Body Mist Review - Review A Day

Did you mist me?
I love their clever names.

This was another product that I was excited about!
She had sent me a few mini sprays during the testing phase,
and I loved them!
Especially the "In the Loop" one.
So they're finally out!

This one is in "Unicorn Farts",
which is described in the body wash review.
Their body mists are alcohol, paraben, and of course, cruelty free!
It's packed with pro vitamin B5 which firms the skin, and has humectants which attract, and retain moisture.
Hence the title,
"Hydrating Botanical Body Mists".
They also claim it's great for your hair, as well, and as obviously, as your skin!

When I spray this on,
I can tell a difference with my skin.
It's nothing extraordinary,
but there's a slight difference.
I haven't tried it on my hair,
only because my hair gets oily quick.
So if you have, comment down below!
I tested out the longevity of the scent,
and was somewhat surprised being it a body mist.
Normally body mist, on me, maybe lasts 45min-hour,
this one however,
lasted an hour and a half - two!
It really depends on your skin chemistry,
and the scent.
I think, because of the humectants,
that it helps the fragrance stay on.
Overall I think these are a great buy!
I realllllly want the "In the Loop" kind.
I'd use it alllll the time haha!

How much are these?:
$9.99 - 4oz.
$12.99 - 8oz.

Where can I get 'em?:

Watch the video review below!

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own, honest ones.*

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FCS Body Wash Review - Review A Day!

Thus the return of my Review A Days!
Are you ready to see me every day for over a week?
I hope so!
Today is the Fortune Cookie Soap Body Wash!
As said in the video,
I was soooo excited that they came out with body wash.
Especially because I'm usually rushing to get ready,
and with body wash, you just lather on and go!

This body wash is paraben, sls, cruelty, and sulfate free!
Though the sulfate free variety costs a wee bit more!
For those unaware, sulfate is the lathering agent in shampoos, soaps, etc.
Most, if not all, of the time it dries the skin out.
So products without sulfate, usually have a more creamy lather, instead of bubbles galore.
(Though, FCS's shampoos have killer bubbles AND are sulfate free!)

The texture of the gel, is realllly gelly.
Instead of being a liquid gel,
it's more of a legit gel.
Which I think is a fun texture!
I have the one with sulfate, so it actually does lather really well,
and I don't find this product to be drying at all for containing sulfate.
I wouldn't say it's AS moisturizing as their soaps,
which are sulfate free,
so I'm sure the sulfate free type would be just as moisturizing.

The scent "Unicorn Farts" is very unique.
I think it depends on your sense of smell, as to what you pick up.
For me, I smell some bubble gum,
that has a tart bite too it, as well as a floral background.
It's not my personal favorite,
but I DO like it!

Now where can you get this beauty you may ask?
And just how much is it?
This product retails for:
$9.99 - 4oz.
$12.99 - 8oz.
And the sulfate free kind:
$14.99 - 4oz.
$16.98 - 8oz.

And this product can be found at:

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my honest thoughts.*

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Buttercup Inspired Makeup - Powerpuff Girls Series

And alas, this series is now complete!
I think it's the first time in almost 3 years that I've actually finished one.
Granted, it WAS only 3 videos haha.
So bam! Here's tomboy Buttercup!
How suiting is it for Jared to have the dramatic smokey eye?
Also, the past few videos I've said to look out for something in each video,
did you guess what it is?
I'll give you a few...
All of our hair colors matched out character's!
Lame, I  know, but it's what inspired the whole series!
So I hope you guys enjoyed this series!
Plenty of more to come!
Trust me!

Keep reading for pictures, products, and the tutorial!