Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FCS Body Lotion Review - Review a Day

I'm too tired to even think of some sarcastic opening, so here's the opening.

Tiredness aside, FCS introduced yet another new product to the company,
body lotion!
They have their Whipped Creams, which are body butters, but these are a paraben free, lightweight, little brother to the whipped creams!
Body butters can be used during the day,
but are thicker/heavier.
Whereas lotion, is a thinner textured, that are in return, light weight.
I found that this sunk right into the skin, just as I've experienced with their whipped creams. 
However, I did find these to be just as, if not more, moisturizing than their body butters!
(Though, I've only had samples of the whipped creams, so I know I salvaged the amount I used :p)
Their lotions are targeted towards dry, chapped skin,
which basically describes my skin!
My skin feels nice, smooth, and hydrated once the product sinks in.
They also claim it's great for the face, but I haven't tried that aspect out!

The scent, which I find hysterical, is:
Cram Your Face In My Sweet Pumpkin Pie.
How funny is that?
They describe it as pure pumpkin pie.
I find that it's a very strong, spicy smell.
Which smells really good, but I don't know how I feel about walking around smelling like that.
I find it to be more of a house smell, like in an air freshener/candle form.
Because of the scent's strength,
it last 12, (yes 12!) hours on me!!
After a few hours the spicy notes fade away into this very yummy, creamy, sweet smell, which I don't mind smelling like!
I tested the whipped creams longevity, and it only last 4!
Then again, it's really based on the scent as well!

Overall, I find it's a really good lotion!
No oily feel on my skin, which I DESPISE about lotions.
This just sinks in and moisturizes!
I find that it lives up to what it claims too!
And the scent longevity/moisturizing properties are incredible!
Definitely high up on my list of lotions!

How much is it?
$9.99 - 4oz.
$12.99 - 8oz. (This size comes with a pump!)

Where can I find it?

Check out the video review below!

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my honest thoughts.*


  1. This is a very impressive product you are talking about. It will be more impressive if it has a reasonable price.

  2. I think it's a reasonable price! It does what it claims, and you really don't need a lot. Like I said, I have super dry skin, and I barely use any!