Monday, December 19, 2011

FCS Lip Balm Review - Review A Day

Lip balm fiends, I've got your guilty pleasure!
I, myself, love lip products.
Lip balm.
Lip gloss.
Lip liner.
Can you tell I like lip products?

So when FCS came out with lip balm, I was oh so excited to try it!
I received the Sugar and Spice one,
which is supposed to smell like Pumpkin Spice.
To me, I smell a sweet cream, with pumpkin spices in it.
(Also, the product is tasteless!)
I was also impressed with the shape of the product.
You don't see a lot, if any, mainstream lip balms/chapsticks with an oval tube.
I find it fits the shape of lips better, opposed to the typical circular tubes.
As for the actual packaging, I find that it wears pretty easily over time,
unless I'm just rougher than average with it!
I do like that the ingredients are listed on the product itself,
so if you're gifting it, the receiver can look and see if there's an ingredient that they're allergic too.

The product itself is very soft.
Softer than the average chapstick I find.
It's very easy to knick an edge of it off.
Which really isn't a bad thing, just gotta be careful!
I find that it's an above average moisturizer.
Granted, I have severely dry/chapped lips,
so I need some heavy duty equipment to battle that.
I also find, that if I apply too much of the product, I get a oily/greasy layer on my lips that leaves a glossy look.
Keep in mind, if your lips are easily moisturized, I think you'll find that you won't need much of a layer at all!

Overall, I think it's a nice lip balm.
I've found a better balm that I use at night/before a tutorial, but the slim packaging allows me to slide it right in my pocket and go!
I'd say to throw one of these in your cart if you're planning on ordering!

Where can I find it?

How much is it?
$3.49 - .15oz
How much are the "Natural" ones?
$4.45 - .15oz
How much are the "Tints"?
$4.25 - .07oz

Check out the other picture, and the video review below!

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