Friday, January 27, 2012

1 Product Tutorial - Beautezine Challenge

I'm back!
Sort of.
Sorry it's been foreverrrr!!!
I've just been sick, visited Jared, getting college stuff sorted out,
and been tired!
and I mean hopefully I can start recording again because I miss it!
And miss you guys!
What do you guys wanna see?
Let me know!
Onto the look,
by the title, it's another Beautezine challenge!
She really does come up with interesting themes, 
and it's so fun trying to think of what to do!

Keep reading for pictures, a product list, and the tutorial!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fall Makeup - Beautezine Weekly Challenges

So, disregard how old this tutorial is, and enjoy!
Jessica, the owner/creator of Beautezine is a hard worker, trust me, and loves to get people involved.
So, to tie that in with her website, she created weekly challenges!
I think they're great, because they can range from anything!
This one in particular, was to use orange.
Whether it be on your eyes, lips, or face!
This was my entry!
If you want to learn more,
check out Beautezine!

Keep reading for more photos, the product list, and the tutorial!