Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fall Makeup - Beautezine Weekly Challenges

So, disregard how old this tutorial is, and enjoy!
Jessica, the owner/creator of Beautezine is a hard worker, trust me, and loves to get people involved.
So, to tie that in with her website, she created weekly challenges!
I think they're great, because they can range from anything!
This one in particular, was to use orange.
Whether it be on your eyes, lips, or face!
This was my entry!
If you want to learn more,
check out Beautezine!

Keep reading for more photos, the product list, and the tutorial!

Product List:
Nyx HD Primer
Urban Decay - Vanilla
Urban Decay - Chase
MAC - Nocturnelle
MAC - Sketch
Tarte - Dusk
MAC - Gesso
Urban Decay - Midnight 15
Maybelline Gel Liner
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous

Estee Lauder - Liquid Bronzer
Cargo - The Big Easy
MAC - Lightscapade

NYX - Orange
MAC - Virgin Isle
MAC - Strange Potion

The Video Tutorial!


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