Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FCS Body Wash Review - Review A Day!

Thus the return of my Review A Days!
Are you ready to see me every day for over a week?
I hope so!
Today is the Fortune Cookie Soap Body Wash!
As said in the video,
I was soooo excited that they came out with body wash.
Especially because I'm usually rushing to get ready,
and with body wash, you just lather on and go!

This body wash is paraben, sls, cruelty, and sulfate free!
Though the sulfate free variety costs a wee bit more!
For those unaware, sulfate is the lathering agent in shampoos, soaps, etc.
Most, if not all, of the time it dries the skin out.
So products without sulfate, usually have a more creamy lather, instead of bubbles galore.
(Though, FCS's shampoos have killer bubbles AND are sulfate free!)

The texture of the gel, is realllly gelly.
Instead of being a liquid gel,
it's more of a legit gel.
Which I think is a fun texture!
I have the one with sulfate, so it actually does lather really well,
and I don't find this product to be drying at all for containing sulfate.
I wouldn't say it's AS moisturizing as their soaps,
which are sulfate free,
so I'm sure the sulfate free type would be just as moisturizing.

The scent "Unicorn Farts" is very unique.
I think it depends on your sense of smell, as to what you pick up.
For me, I smell some bubble gum,
that has a tart bite too it, as well as a floral background.
It's not my personal favorite,
but I DO like it!

Now where can you get this beauty you may ask?
And just how much is it?
This product retails for:
$9.99 - 4oz.
$12.99 - 8oz.
And the sulfate free kind:
$14.99 - 4oz.
$16.98 - 8oz.

And this product can be found at:

*Product was sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my honest thoughts.*

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