Friday, April 8, 2011

Review - EOS Everyday Hand Lotion

I love this stuff!!!
Like I said in the video,
it's super moisturizing,
soaks almost immediately into the skin,
definitely not greasy,
and a huge list of good things!
Oh! It's 97% natural,
AND not tested on animals.
So there ya go vegans and veggies!
I took pictures of the box so you can read all of it and see what
this little bad boy has to offer!
I definitely give this product an A!
It would be a plus if it was bigger,
but that'd defeat the portable aspect,
AND they have body lotions that are bigger!
It's super cheap, and amazing quality,
(and I have super dry hands)
so I'm telling you to go get this now!
***I cut it off in the picture, but on the back it says "Dermatologist tested,
hypoallergenic, paraben, lanolin, phthalate, and dye free!***


  1.'re it again.... 0:-) And, this lotion sounds amazing

  2. Omg it is.
    It definitely gives the moisture feel without the greasiness.
    I'm SUPER picky about lotion hahah :p

  3. Oh and it's like 3-4 bucks!