Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award!

  So one of my followers,
danisaddiction gave me this award!
Now the rules are,
1. Thank the person who awarded you.
2. Tell us 7 things about you.
-I'll do below.
3. Award 15 Bloggers you've recently discovered.
-This one I can't do because I don't really look.
I DO like Danisaddiction's blog, so it's kind of like a tag back,
which sucks cause I can't shout more people out.
But go check HER out!
And 4. Let the winners know!

Now the 7 things:
..had too.
1. Not really hidden, but I love alllll animals.  Especially my daughter...
Yes, she is a she.
In the few videos of HER I was told it was a him.
So poor thing was called a boy for a while.
2. I game. Yep. LEFT 4 DEAD >:D
3. I critique my work like it's my bitch.
(which, it kind of is.)
Seriously.  I'll love a look and find something wrong and hate it.
4. I loveeeeeee Ellen Hopkins.  I found out about her back in...2008?
(Somewhere around that)
And fell in loveeeee.
I can read her books in no time.
Now other books....
5. I love buying things. 
Too much to be honest.
AND I don't have a job.
I've tried, but nope, noone wants me.
6.  I wear sweats a lot. 
I am by no means, a morning person.
So when I get up, I'm quite pissed off.
And still tired.
So I normally put on sweats.
BUT I'm trying to break out of that.
I mean, if I'm going to go out and hang I wear regular clothes,
but for school, it's probably 90% sweats.
AND 7. I have a BUNCH planned for my blog/youtube so stick around!

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