Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fortune Cookie Soap - In The Loop Soap Review

If you couldn't tell by my first impressions video,
I was SO excited when I got my order.
I've known about FCS for quite some time,
Back to when it seems they just started.
So whenever I hit "confirm order",
my anticipation grew and grew.
So onto this product,
as you can see,
and tell by the company name,
it's soap made into a fortune cookie.
How freakin' cute is that?
And trust me,
the quality definitely backs up the cuteness.
First, the smell:
I got my in "In the Loop",
one of their best selling scents.
And once I smelled it, I knew why.
While reading this,
I suggest you go get a box of fruit loops and stick
your nose in your bag.
that's how it smells.
I'm tempted to eat it.
(No lie, I really considered nibbling on one of the loops.)
The Size:
I was actually surprised by the size,
in one picture I showed it next to a dime.
In person, it's about the size of my palm,
and I have decently big hands.
The Quality:
My skin is pretty damn dry,
and after using this, it feels great.
Not like intense, super, moisture,
but I can tell a difference.
Now the smell,
for me at least,
doesn't linger.
Which is good, since I use perfume everyday.
(Though I would NOT mind it staying on.)
I would, as said in the video, keep a grip on it.
Some of my loops have fallen off because I've
dropped it numerous times.
And believe me,
that sucker FLEW around the tub hahah.
Also said in the video,
after your shower, take it out and dry it!
Don't rub it dry because it'll rub product off,
just a tab dry to get the excess moisture off.
That way the water doesn't melt, 
or weaken the soap!
So what it comes down to is that this soap is amazing.
I don't think I'll be using normal soap ever again.
And next time I order I'm gonna get the big bar size of this scent.
And everything else.
So go check this company out!
You will NOT be disappointed!

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