Monday, October 10, 2011

School Picture Day Makeup

Ah, school picture day.
The day, where in elementary school,
your mom combs your hair and puts you in a cute, formal outfit, and tells you to "smile real big!"
Move onto high school,
and you look in the mirror thinking,
"Of course my skin's breaking out!"
"My hair looks like shit."
Whatever your thoughts are on the special day,
it's picture day,
and you should at least try to get through it for the sake of your parents,
and for the sake of the yearbook.
People DO look back in it you know!

So I'm here to show you a quick, basic, look that's sure to please!
If you have an acne problem,
start a skincare regimen at LEAST a month before.
That's the average time a skincare system really takes a toll.
You don't want to cake on foundation or concealer,
because that'll show up in the photo.

As for eyes,
you want to keep it simple so that YOU stand out.
As you can see, my liner got a little too dramatic for this type of look,
but that's why you should do a self test run on your hair, makeup, smile, and what you're going to wear so that you make it on time!

Be yourself!
This is just the normal look that I think people would use.
If you're known for wearing bright eyeshadow, lipgloss, etc.
Then wear it!
Just do it in a tasteful way.
I mean, you don't want people looking back and thinking,
"Oh my god, she looks like a cracked out clown!"

I think we all should have enough common sense to know what's TOO much.
And with that being said,
I hope I helped you guys out!
(And sorry if this is late!)

Keep reading for pictures, the tutorial, and the product list!

Product List:
Nyx - Photo Loving Primer
Milani - HD Concealer
Nyx - HD Foundation
Elf - Shy Blush
NYC - Bronze Wheel
Hard Candy - Honeymoon Blush
Maybelline - Loose Powder

Nyx - HD Primer
Milani - HD Concealer
28 Neutral Palette - Shown
Maybelline - Gel Eyeliner
Rimmel - The Max Mascara

The Body Shop - Lip Butter
Revlon - Pink Pop Lipgloss

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