Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blossom Inspired Makeup Tutorial - Powerpuff Girls Series

Finally right?
Originally I wanted to do a cheesy voiceover and talk like the narrator,
but I couldn't get myself to do it because I suck at voice acting,
AND I didn't know how.
So I threw in a remix I found,
if you don't like it,
then mute it and play your own.
With that said,
this was my second time doing a Blossom look.
I'll post the original picture last.
As you can tell,
it's pretty damn pink.
And I love it!
The video was 20 min to start with,
and I got it down to 5, 
so I'm pretty damn proud of myself.
Also, she/we were watching a movie,
that's why it looks like she's staring off haha.
Hope you like!
(Once I get the other 2 up, see if you can notice something they all have in common ;) )

The original take.

Product List:
NYC Primer
Makeup Forever Flash Color - White
MAC - Your Ladyship Pigment
Makeup Forever Star Powder
MAC - Amazon Princess Blush Duo
MAC - Bite of an Apple Blush
MAC - Passionate Eyeshadow
Wet n' Wild Lust Palette
Maybelline Gel Liner
Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Mascara
Urban Decay - Yeyo 24/7 Liner
Rimmel - White Liner

MAC - Briar Rose Beauty Powder
Hard Candy - Honeymoon Baked Blush

Max Factor - 04 Lipstick
Milani - Struck By Beauty Glamour Gloss

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