Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review A Day 4 - FCS Dragon Fruit Shaved Ice Bath Bomb

How FRIGGIN adorable is this?
Instant eye catcher for sure, right?
This my friends, is the glorious,
Shaved Ice Bath Fizzy from Fortune Cookie Soap.

It comes in two scents,
Dragon Fruit,
and Electric Lemonade.
(I only tried the Dragon Fruit.)
First off, (besides the obvious cuteness), the smell is fantastic.
Sort of think pink starburst, but intensified and with a tart, citrus-y note to it.
At first, it was too strong,
(my nose wasn't ready)
but the day after I got it,
I smelt it again and it was love.
The thing is pretty hefty,
and comes in a real styrofoam cup!
One bad thing about it though,
it's nearly impossible to cut.
Now if you have an easy way,
without it crumbling,
please let me know,
but if you don't,
don't bother trying.
With that said,
you pretty much have to use it all at once,
which I'm not really complaining,
I see bath bombs as a one time thing,
but that can call for a pricey bath.
Regardless, it turned my water a pretty oceany blue color,
and the scent actually carried over to a lighter version in the water.
The water, like the Cake Batter bath bomb,
was super soft and silky.
(Hard to imagine until you've experienced it for yourself.)
Mind you, when I take a bath,
I take a damn bath.
I light candles,
turn my music on low,
shut the lights out,
and relax.
(If only I had a bigger tub.)
I definitely notice that my skin is softer afterwards,
(remember that the tub may be slippery afterwards!)
and trust me, I could kill for that.

Minus the, "hard to cut", factor,
the only other bad thing is the price.
Which it isn't terribly expensive,
I see it as treating myself.
And you get a huge amount, mind you.
I'd say these are pretty much amazing,
and totally worth the money.
I'll definitely purchase them again!

You can find these at:
for $7.99 USD (8oz.)

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  1. ....when i seen it i was like!! that looks soo NOM!
    but then i realised what it was but still looks NOM haha!
    awesome post <3