Monday, August 29, 2011

Review A Day 2 - Fortune Cookie Soap Sugar Scrub

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To scrub, or not to srub!
Body scrubs are amazzzzzing exfoliators.
As you can see above,
they come in tubs like the whipped creams,
and if I'm not mistaken, are the same size.
They're this sugary, thick paste, packed with great oils for the skin.
What you do, is take them in the shower.
After you scrub a dub dub yo body,
you take however much you want to use,
and scrub where necessary.
I have the skin condition,
(I don't know the medical term)
known as "chicken skin", on my upper arms.
Basically it's just bumps.
I just use a little scoop for each upper arm,
and I feel that it really helps to moisturize, and sooth the bumps.
Of course it works on the rest of my body as well!
There are a few conditions you're not supposed to use these on,
such as:
face, open cuts, and sunburn.
I think they're really great products,
and it may seem pricey,
but you really don't need a whole lot.

You can find these at:
Fortune Cookie Soap
$11.75 USD

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