Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review A Day 3 - Fortune Cookie Soap Shampoo Bars

First off,
let me say that they don't make "Cheers" anymore.
(Why Shannon?!?!)
Nonetheless, I do have the cupcake one to help my review as well.
As you can see, it's a big block of shampoo.
It looks cool up close,
kind of like little rice pellets,
with blocks of shea and coco butter.
They're good sized blocks too,
3oz. to be exact.
Trust me, it'll last a damn good while.
They're solid, (obviously), but when wet, are fragile,
so be careful when tapping dry.
Just like the soap, NO rubbing.
As for performance wise,
I really like them!
Before I got my hair chopped off,
it was super fine (still is), straight, and flaaaat.
So I get products to help!
I could tell a difference from when I used Cheers, and then Cupcake.
With Cheers, my hair had some body, whereas with Cupcake,
it was very nicely moistured.
(New word. Where's Websters?)
And when I say moistured hydrated, I mean a natural hydration.
Like the soaps and whipped creams.
None of that, slicked down cause it's full of oils and shit, scenario.
Unless, you want that...
These are very travel friendly when it comes to flying since it's solid!
No more mini sized shampoos! 
Unless, again, you want those...
They have a metal tin you can put them in,
just don't put them in it wet!
(It'll rust.  Fun science project for the kids!)
Or you can ghettorig, (come on Websters!), and use plastic bags like I do.
It's a little weird at first using a block of solid substance, 
on your head,
that's supposedly shampoo.
(Jared's weirded out about it and is "old school")
"Does it lather?"
You may ask.
And yes!
It's not like a foam war, but they're there!
...and still sting if they get in your eye.

Overall I think it's a great product!
I stick to my commercial shampoo if I'm going to style my hair,
but then again I haven't used em since my haircut,
so that might change!
I highly suggest checking them out!
I'm sure, at least, one scent shall tickle your fancy.

You can find these at:
For $8.00 USD

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