Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Makeup - Wearable

There's something so addicting about the Alice in Wonderland story.
Most likely the colorful, disastrous, messed up story line and visuals.
This was requested, and of course I couldn't say no!
I think the pastel/shimmeryness, yes shimmeryness, of this is perfect for spring!
Eventually, and you know me and my eventuallys, I'll get around to doing a more dramatic version of it!
Hope you enjoy it!

Keep reading for more pictures and the product list!

Product List:
Tarte - Lifted Primer
Urban Decay - Aquarius
Urban Decay - Virgin
Urban Decay - Ecstacy
Urban Decay - SWF
Urban Decay - Haight
 Palladio - Midnight Blue
Urban Decay - Oil Slick
Urban Decay - Zero
Tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes
Revlon - Vintage Lace
MAC - Reflects Pearl
Rimmel - White Liner

Garnier - BB Cream
Palladio - Herbal Mosaic Bronzer
MAC - Blonde
MAC - Briar Rose

Wet n' Wild - Just Peachy
MAC - A Perfect Day
MAC - Sugarrimmed


  1. I like this a lot! Very soft and pretty! x

  2. I love your makeup looks! They´r very inspiring and you are very talented. Following! greetings from Portugal! x

  3. @Miss Rocher Sorry for the late reply, but thank you!! :))