Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Orchid Inspired - MUG Forum

I recently joined the Makeup Geek forum,
and saw this tread.
What happens is someone posts a picture,
someone else creates an inspired look,
then posts the next inspiration picture.
So kind of like tag to simple it down.
The picture I was inspired from will be at the end of the look pictures!
Also, no foundation at all! And the only concealer is under my eyes,
I just wanted to do a quick tutorial that was straight to the point.
AND I didn't have my contacts in, reason in being I get so close to the mirror.
(I was NOT happy with the liner on the left eye, it got too thick :\)

Product List:
NYC Primer
88 Palette - Shown
MAC - Gesso
MAC - Sketch
MAC - Espresso
MAC - Passionate
Rimmel - White Liner
Rimmel - The Max Mascara
Wet n' Wild - Liquid Liner


  1. I was doing a search on google images and saw this one of your eye! Looks beautiful! Got yourself a new follower!

  2. Thank you so much!!
    Sorry it took so long to reply,
    I'm not use to getting comments on here!