Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to Basics - Eyeshadow

Sorry it's been so long!!!!!!
Jared came down so I took a little break.
But I'm back!
Obviously by the quality,
and my hair,
this video is old.
But it's something!
I have the tutorial for Stacey and mine's series ready,
(recorded with my new hd camera ;p)
But I wanna wait and upload at the same time.
So to hold you off,
I thought I'd upload this.
The eyeliner portion will be a different video in whole.
So hope you life it!
I wont be adding pictures/list of products mainly because
I'd have to copy myself onto the eyeliner half.
And since this is just the eyeshadow,
I have no pictures of just that without the liner.

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