Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rhoto Eyedrops Review

The eyedrops with a cooling sensation!
Rhoto has probably been referred to as 
the eyedrops that burn.
Now I can't judge with the other variations,
but this one,
It's not a burning effect,
just the cooling efffect.
It DOES burn for about 30 seconds,
but trust me, your eyes feel great afterwards,
and it really takes the redness/irritation out.
Ice, as said in the video, is the medium level.
Cool is just meant for redness, 
so I'm sure the cooling effect on that one,
isn't as strong as the one for Ice is.
I also like the packaging,
I think it's unique and sleek looking,
and can also fit into your pocket,
or in your purse.
The one thing that you need to be aware of,
is your contacts.
They recommend to use them 15 minutes prior
to putting in your contacts.
Only because the cooling sensation/medication
can get absorb into your lens and irritate your eyes,
and possibly even hurt them.
Because of that,
I hardly use them because I'm always rushing
in th morning.
But overall,
I'd say these are a great buy!
I know you can purchase them at:
Walmart, CVS, Walgreens,
for about 3-5 dollars depending on location.
Now as to other locations, 
I do not know.
If you know of other places, please comment below,
so other readers can find out!
(Also check out the video below of Jared trying them out. Note that he never uses even regular eyedrops, so these were a surprise to him. :p)

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