Saturday, May 21, 2011

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Perfume Collection Review

First off, how cute is the whole Harajuku Lovers brand?
Seriously, even if I don't like the smell I'd still buy them.
(If I had the money haha.)
So the Wicked Style Collection,
is kind of like their limited edition full summer collection.
I say that only because most of them are light florals.
(With the exception of Baby.)
Baby I feel is more of a night, heavy scent.

G - Green Apple, Watermelon, Raspberry
L - Nectarine, Orangeflower, Blend of Woods
A - Succulent Plum, Blooming Lotus, Satin Wood
M - Juicy Apple, Jasmine, Swirling Cedarwood
B - White Peach, Pink Plumeria, Glowing Amber

I would have to say that Music is my favorite, and that Baby would be my least favorite.  I think it's the amber in it that throws it off for me.
Not saying I don't like it, but it'll probably be the last one left.
Over all I like them! Which sucks because I wanna buy all of them!
Sephora stores have them if you want to smell them in person!
And if you're like me, they have a full set,
(non rollerball, .33oz bottle)
for 100$ USD.

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