Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar Ringer Makeup Recreation

I'm just going to start out by saying...
At first, I was skeptical,
but it just keeps getting better and better!
And the glamorous, gorgeous, and fashion forward Sarah Michelle Gellar totally makes it.
I couldn't imagine the show without her!
The look I recreated is a mix of the "every day" look she wears,
and the one from the gold and black party.
Also, I apologize for all of the products used!
I was trying all kinds of different things to get the right look I wanted!

I hope you guys enjoy!
Do you watch the show?
Love it? Hate it?
Let me know!

Keep reading for more pictures, and for the product list!

Product List:
Urban Decay Glide On Shadow Pencil - Sin
Urban Decay - Sidecar
Urban Decay - Half Baked
Urban Decay - Naked
Urban Decay - Midnight Rodeo
Urban Decay - Buck
Urban Decay - Midnight 15
Urban Decay - Smog
Urban Decay - Busted
MAC - Espresso
Urban Decay - Tease
Urban Decay - Gunmetal
Urban Decay - Creep
Urban Decay - Vanilla
Urban Decay - Booty Call
Tarina Tarantino - Fantastical Palette (Shown)
Loreal - Extra Intense Liquid Liner Pencil
Benefit - Bad Gal Mascara

Garnier - BB Cream
NYX - HD Foundation
NYX - Photo Loving Primer
Tarina Tarantino - Eye Dream Hyperlight
Lancome - MaquiComplet Concealer
MAC MSF - Light+
Benefit - Hoola
MAC MSF - Lightscapade
Cargo - The Big Easy
MAC MSF - Blonde

Urban Decay Lip Junkie - Naked


  1. Love this! It's subtle but super gorgeous! x

  2. God you're so pretty O.O" Also: holy, product list, Batman! That's a gorgeous lip colour.

  3. @Kori Thank you!! And I know! D: I didn't mean for it to get that long lol. When I did the nontutorial eye, I just kept using color after color. And it is! The lip junkies taste really good too haha :p