Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sailor Uranus - Sailor Moon Series #7

Finally got around to doing Uranus.
(Hardy har har.)
Sick minded people.
But it's super dramatic!
You could leave out the shape,
and just do the blue combo in the crease.
And sorry it's taken so long,
but I think I came back with a bang.

Products Used:
MAC's Espresso
NYC Primer 
Kat Von D's Peanut
Kat Von D's Lemmy
Kat Von D's Poe Blue
Wet n' Wild Pride Palette Matte Navy Blue
Wet n' Wild Pride Palette Matte White
Rimmel White Eyeliner
Revlon Line Fantasy Creme Liner
Rimmel The Max Mascara
Kat Von D's Tijuana
Coastal Scents Blush
Elf Blossom Lipgloss

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