Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!! A Message from Me

Happy New Year!

I've missed you all so so much! 
I'm sitting here about to head to Walmart, and complete other chores, and really wanted to write a blog post.
As you've probably seen, I've been away from Youtube, and especially my blog for quite some time.
It was unintentional of course, but that's just how it went down.

I recently uploaded my "Blue Smokey Eye" tutorial,
(which I shall work on the blog post after this)
and got such great feedback that it made me remember why I love doing what I do. 
You see, I lost track of time when I moved,
and by trying to balance school and work, I lost the drive/want to film/edit/write, etc.
Then the times I always wanted to record, something would come up, or I just didn't have the time.
Funny how life works that way.
By seeing everyone comment on how much they missed my videos, it sort of woke me up to the fact that I missed them too!
I love sharing my work with you guys.
It's how I express myself I suppose.
And of course, I missed all of you!
I love recognizing some of your usernames in the comments of my videos,
it means a lot that you regularly watch them, as I regularly watch the people I look up too.

What I'm truly rambling on about is simply this:
I miss you guys as you miss me. (Hopefully)
I think I've found my muse again in terms of recording/uploading.
(I'll slowly work back to blogging)
One of my resolutions shall be to get back to a regular uploading schedule, as opposed to once every 3 months.
And with my new laptop, I feel that I'll want/be able to edit/upload way more often than before.
I have a bunch of ideas in my head that I want to get done.
And finally wrap up/possibly revamp (again) my Sailor Moon series....I's been years.

I'm hoping you all will stick with me in my vast Youtube journey, as I intend to stay on it for quite some time.
I have a few videos I plan on recording such as, a Christmas Haul with Jared, a Hair FAQ, Skincare Routine, Fragrance Collection, a very sarcastic (and hopefully funny!) video, and more!
(Damn, I feel like I'm writing a persuasive paper for school..)

I hope you all had a great Christmas (or other Holiday), and an even better New Year!
Here's to 2013!
:) Kyle


  1. You are indeed missed when you haven't posted any videos for awhile, & it's so awesome to hear that you will, in fact stay on YouTube for quite some time!! I did the one YouTube video a few months back ( as we both remember, lol), to test the waters a bit. Since November of 2012, I've been contemplating starting my own channel,& after much preparation & brain-storming, I'm pleased to say that my channel will be up by next month! I'm SO excited & very much looking forward to it, & you were a very big inspiration in the process!! One of the things that draws me to people's channels is personality...ability & creativity are factors as well, but personality is what makes the video all that much more enjoyable to watch ;-). Your personality shines through & reflects on your awesome creativity & ability, always has!! In short, YES, definitely stick with it, & rest-assured that you were not only missed, but also that you're admired & inspiring!! Kudos to you Kyle, glad to hear that you're sticking around = ) XX

    1. Aww, thank you so so so so SO much!!! so happy that you're starting a channel! it blows my mind to see people call me an inspiration, because it's so hard to believe! thanks for being such a loyal subscriber, and here's to many more years! :D