Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Perfume Review - Harajuku Lovers G of the Sea

"A Fatal Attraction to Cuteness"
That practically sums up the whole Harajuku Lovers brand.
With their Japanese inspired look and feel,
they definitely didn't disappoint with their newest addition.
G of the Sea is their limited edition Spring/Summer fragrance for 2011.
It features the Notes:
Apple, Water lily, Sweet Crushed Berries
Freesia, Pink Peony, Jasmine Petals
Sun-Drenched Woods, Musk, Amberwoods
The packaging is obviously cute, and in the video I show the box it came in,
and best believe I will NOT be throwing that out.
As if I don't keep enough boxes/packaging.
The perfume itself is a light blue color,
unlike the the originals, which are clear.
When I smell this perfume,
I instantly think of the beach.
The breeze of it, the feel of it, the smell of it,
Now, to some, that may sound repulsive,
but of course there's added florals and fruits.
Straight out of the bottle, I smell the kick in the perfume,
which comes off slightly peppery,
but once sprayed on,
the fruits and florals come out to play.
The floral is very subtle,
yet very fresh.
It took me a few times to smell the fruits,
but they all combine to be an amazing,
fresh, breezy, beach smell.
It's kind of the more "hippie" side compared to it's original counterpart.
I think people who like clean, floralish scents would love this.
Like I said, think of the beach!
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