Monday, January 10, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Review

Prepare yourself for...
Haha I just kept taking and taking.
So without further to do,
here's the pictures!
(My written review will be afterwards.)

On top of NYC Primer.

On top of UDPP

Rattata, S.S. Anne, and Majora's Mask - UDPP 

Articuno, Zelda, Manectric, and Jigglypuff - UDPP

Rattata applied wet.

On top of NYC Primer

NYC Primer


Articuno (looks greenish in this picture)

S. S. Anne


Majora's Mask



I'm not the most perfect reviewer, as I don't do it much, but I'll give my word about Shiro Cosmetics.
I don't remember much about the shipping since it was around Christmas and such,
but I'm pretty sure it didn't take long.
You also get a tracking number,
a very important factor for me.
Website wise,
very easy to navigate through.
There's a sidebar to pick through samples, mini jars, full sized, and sets.
Everything is out in the open, which is good for people who don't want to look hard.
I messaged her and she practically answered right back.
(She's super sweet btw)
Packaging wise,
I like everything about the packaging besides the sifter.
I almost always take sifters out.
But they're convenient for people who do like them.
Just a personal preference.
Actually I think you can ask to not have them put on,
but I'm not sure so don't quote me!
Each one has a stick with individual ingredients, names, and whether it's lip safe or not.
Product wise,
The BIG Shabang!
Unlike a lot of other mineral eyeshadows, the product somewhat sticks together.
So it's more of a creamy texture rather than just a loose powder.
Rattata especially.
In the pictures I swatched dry.
(other than 1 labeled Rattata picture)
They would be extra intense because of that.
Also, I think they'd wear longer on the eye.
At least it seemed like it when I recorded a tutorial.
Obviously the bolder/intense colors last longer and are more pigmented,
that's just expected.
The lighter, shimmery, ones take some packing on if you want them to pop.
(You could also try putting a white base underneath)
But it's a good thing!
It's easier if you just want a hint of color for example.
So my verdict is an....
I'm def not an expert on reviewing,
but I tried to give you details of my thoughts.
So I hope this helps!

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